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Jessica Anne is a women's clothing brand that cares about quality and fine details.

We are passionate about creating clothes that make you feel beautiful when you wear them.

Each piece is carefully made in South Africa.

We love classic silhouettes, fun, quirky patterns and colour!


We pride ourselves in running an ethical business

and treating every hand in the production line with respect

through our conduct and our finances.



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/ the girl behind the brand

Hey, I’m Jessica.

As a woman, you know it can be quite an overwhelming task choosing what to wear.

I want to help…

I create clothes for women who are looking for beautiful, contemporary clothing that also have a classic element to them. I give you the tools and show you how to wear clothes in a way that is flattering to your body shape. 

I have experience in styling and sewing so I understand how a garment should be made and how it should fall on your body in order to be flattering.

Knowing what colours go with your skin tone and what pieces of clothing to put together is an amazing feat.

Most importantly it's all about how you feel in your clothes and about yourself, beauty truly does come from within... So let's look after ourselves from the inside out!

I was a teacher for 4 years and I loved it. I see the value of positively influencing others through my job and personal experiences. 

When I’m not working hard on my clothing line, I can be found taking photos and traveling with my husband… He's a musician so we get to go to some really cool places together. I also love spending time with my family, they’re so important to me. 

Pop me a mail if you'd like to chat about my clothing line or personal styling.



If you have any questions or friendly messages about our products or services please mail us.

We care about our customers and strive to respond as quickly as possible!


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