Dressing for Our Crazy Climate

Spring has sprung and Summer is so close I can almost taste the strawberry popsicles…  I've recently been travelling a lot around South Africa and the weather's been a bit wild which means to avoid over packing my suitcase I've had to plan ahead with only a few essentials.

I usually opt for my black skinnies when I’m not sure what the weather is doing and it’s still a bit nippy. I like to pack my cozzie, flip flops and high waisted shorts just in case the sun comes out and I can squeeze in some beach time. Also, a versatile pair of sneakers is always a good idea because they go with pretty much anything. 

This pink coat has been my favourite jacket this winter (and Spring haha), it goes with SO many things and it’s oversized so I can wear lots of layers underneath it or just throw it over whatever I’m wearing. Also, how pretty is the colour?  

This is Tami Kolbe (above), she’s got a lifestyle blog called Taylored Heart where she writes about the things that inspire her and so much more. You must definitely go check it out.

I love her blue jacket, it's such a great colour and it goes with pretty much everything. It also helps to shield the oh so familiar Cape Town wind. 

Collared Shirt: Zara
Black Skinnies: Topshop
Sneakers: Superga
Coat: Mango
Photography: Tatum Louw and Tami Kolbe

XO, Jess