LUSH | Look After Your Skin This Summer

I visited LUSH handmade cosmetics recently and I was impressed with the natural ingredients they put in their products. They really do make their products from organic fruit, veggies and essential oils. 

I tried out the 'Mask of Magnaminty'. It's mostly made from peppermint which helps brighten your skin and it fights impurities leaving your skin feeling bright and happy. 

Directions: Apply a generous layer over the face, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for five to ten minutes. Splash the face with warm water and gently rub small sections in circular motions for exfoliation. Rinse face thoroughly. 

The 'Bubble Gum Lip Scrub' is also such a great product! It exfoliates your lips and leaves them tasting delicious. I chose some fun fizz bombs too, I'm pretty excited for my bath this evening hehe.   

Another reason I enjoyed learning about LUSH is because all of their products are ethically made, their containers are made from recycled plastic and they don't test on animals. I love buying from companies that care!

As always, wear sunscreen, everyday! 

XO, Jess