Photography 101 | Part 2


Calling all photography beginners. I’m sharing some tips that I have learned over the last little while… With the help of a short photography course (School of Light.)

It can be quite overwhelming trying to figure out the many aspects of a DSLR. You can check out my previous post on photography where I explain the lingo a bit. 

So first things first, always look for good, natural light! It really does make all the difference when capturing that perfect shot.

Perspective is a big one. One thing that really helps with perspective is the rule of thirds, which is really simple once you grasp the idea. Basically, when looking at what you’re shooting divide the image up into three pieces horizontally & vertically  (as seen in the picture below.) You want your focal point to be in the 1st or 3rd section to gain a good, aesthetically pleasing perspective. 


Another trick I learned that is super helpful: take your photo in landscape and portrait with a couple different angles. Pace about 10 steps around what you are shooting to capture different shots. See how this image is shot 3 different ways:


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