Fear of Failure

“Success should be measured by how many times you refused to give up after failure." - Jasmine Star

Failure. It’s a scary thing we face as creatives. I am constantly confronted with “What if I fail?” kind of questions in my head. 

I realised recently that the biggest thing about failing is not that we fear being disappointed but rather that we fear we won’t achieve our goals and ultimately, our dreams!

In the same breath, I think that if we take the fear of failure away and replace it with opportunity and an open mind we are left with growth, achievements and success. 

Easier said than done? Yip. It’s a constant battle of heart and mind. We will fail and inevitably we will make A LOT of mistakes but it’s the gumption and tenacity of fighting for those dreams that will help us reach them. I’m on this journey with you and I hope you feel encouraged to keep your chin up and try again. 

XO, Jess