Call me old fashioned but I am completely obsessed with A-line skirts. I find they are the epitome of style when worn correctly.

A-line skirts suit many body types too! One of my favourite transformations was the time I worked with a lady who had a gorgeous pear shaped figure. She felt like her legs, hips and bottom always looked enormous in clothes… until she was introduced to the A-line skirt of course. She felt like the skirt accentuated the small parts of her and skimmed over the bigger parts.

Not only is this piece of attire an absolute classic now, it has been for decades. Did someone say Dior? Since like... 1950 this silhouette has come and gone and I hope it’s back to stay.

They aren't everyone’s cup of tea but they do come in all shapes and sizes and when you find yours you’ll never want to take it off! I like pairing skirts with simple T-shirts and thin sweaters in the winter. I love that you can wear pretty much any shoe with them too. I wear sneakers, pumps, heels and sandals with skirts, it's really hard to go wrong!

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XO, Jess