Body Types | Part 1

Hello friends. I have been thinking a lot recently (not that me thinking a lot is new) and I have come up with a conclusion that I want to share with you. I've always loved clothes and the feeling of material... Well, except for a very brief stage during my early teens where I wore the same pair of green shorts for weeks on end. That said, I enjoy the way clothes make me feel when I wear them.

When I'm having an off day (I sometimes have those days where I feel bigger than I am) I'll wear a flowy top that skims over my stomach which is the area I feel most self-conscious of. Dressing for my body type has been a huge thing for me because I've realized the difference it makes when I wear things that are flattering for my body type. My confidence levels are heightened when I feel comfortable in my clothes.

A really special person in my life had a bit of a meltdown regarding her style when her body changed as she got older. She put on weight around her tummy area and she didn't feel like anything she wore made her feel beautiful. My heart broke for her and I decided to make it my mission to find clothes that suited her body type and made her feel great about herself again. Most importantly she worked at reviving her confidence and self-image.

Since her transformation, I have made it my mission to help women that have lost their way in their personal style, hence my side-line business being Personal Styling. I'd love to talk to you about what your struggles are with clothes and what you enjoy/avoid wearing.

XO, Jess


Picture by Anna-belle Durrant