#entrepreneurswelove | Part 2 

This series is dedicated to all you girl bosses sticking it out as business owners, or juggling jobs in order to do your dream job… Or, you sitting there at your desk at work dreaming, wishing you could quit your job.

This week’s feature is the crazy, wonderful Anna-belle Durrant. Amongst many things she is inspiring young entrepreneurs, like me, to go for gold and never give up. She’s a photographer, influencer, blogger, creative (the list goes on) that loves creating quirky, interesting projects. 

Anna-belle worked in advertising for a while before deciding she wanted to do her own thing. (We’re all so glad she did.) It seems like the scariest thing to quit your job and follow your dreams yet it can be the most satisfying. Yes, the steady paycheck at the end of the month is great but who said following your dreams didn't require a little sacrifice? Or a big one. Keeping your head above water can be tiresome and lonely.

One thing I love about Anna-belle is that she works hard and she doesn't give up… oh, wait that’s two things, whoops! I asked her a couple of questions about being a business owner, read on.

Jess: You’re such an inspiring, young business owner. What would you say is the biggest thing that helps you stay motivated?

Anna-belle: It always freaks me out a little when people say I'm inspiring, I feel like I'm just like everyone else, just trying to find my way through the world! I think the thing that keeps me most motivated is the fear of failure… it may sound a little silly but I really really don't want to fail… so I just have to keep working! 

J: Where’s your favourite place to work and why? 

AB: I really love working from Nomads and Co but my favourite spot of all time is at my desk in my study at home. I love working there because I feel 100% comfortable… and the fridge is always nearby for snacks! But seriously, I have to be comfortable when I work! 

J: What do you think is the biggest struggle as an entrepreneur? 

AB: People don't realize how lonely it can be, somedays I sit at home alone without seeing or speaking to anyone, and then, of course, there will always be times when things go wrong and no one will really understand what it's like. So ya, if you're starting your own thing be prepared to spend a whole lot of time on your own! 

J: Where do you find your main source of inspiration?

AB: I'm inspired by so much all the time, it can actually be a little distracting heheh. I love flicking through Instagram and Pinterest! It's amazing that we have so much inspiration at our fingertips nowadays, it wasn't like that not too long ago! 

J: What’s your favorite piece of clothing at the moment? 

AB: I’m really loving my mom jeans from Top Shop... they are super old but they fit just right...I think they will be my favs for a while! 

Thanks so much Anna for your time and for helping us girl bosses feel like we’re not all alone. Check out her website here.

Chat soon.

XO, Jess