Working From Home | Schedule

Hey friends! It has been freezing cold here in Jo'burg and all I've wanted to do is curl up in my bed and only come up to sip my hot chocolate. 

Working from home can have its ups and downs. Some days I wake up, energized, skip to my office and climb into my emails. Other days I feel the opposite and have to scout a good coffee shop with plug points, wifi, ambiance and good coffee... does that even exist? I have a few favorites that do match up to most of those things! Wolves in Illovo has just been revamped and it's feeling great to go there again! The Whippet is a cool spot too although, can get a little noisy over lunch time. Father coffee has a great flat white and I love the decor.

I think it's key to change up your work environment, especially if you're a creative like me. Being around people can also help you feel like you're not all alone, even when you usually are. There's also great co-working spaces that I know some people love! I'm not the biggest fan because I don't get as much work done and end up chatting to people for half the time, and I have to pay for it!

Routine has also worked wonders for me. Below is an example of how I plan my day. I hope it helps you plan yours better.

6:00am Wake Up (Quiet time and Coffee)

7:00am Emails

7:15am Gym

8:30am Get ready for day + Eat

9:45am Prep social media updates

10:00am Admin and prep parcels

10:45am Run around admin  

11:15am Creative time

12:15pm Lunch

1:15pm Meetings

2:15pm Meetings

4:15pm Check in with social media/emails

4:45pm Prep for seamstress/samples

6:30pm Dinner  

7:30pm Shower/bath and read

8:00pm Watch Series, have a glass of wine  

I would love some 'working from home' recommendations if you have any?

Chat soon.



Photos by Claire Gruver