My Guide to a Good Facial Routine

Beauty products seem like an endless wave of options. It can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. I'm a little product obsessed, to be honest. I love the feeling of my skin after it's just been cleansed and moisturized. I struggle to fall asleep if I don't wash my face or start my day without my skin routine.

So what's the secret? I always say, what you put in, will come out. If you eat junk, your skin will show it. Trust me, I know! Salt & Vinegar chips are my guilty pleasure and my skin always pays. Drinking loads of water and eating well will do your skin wonders! Going to bed with your make-up on will leave your pores clogged, think about it... Your skin isn't able to breathe all day with makeup on and then it can't repair at night if you don't wash it off. Wearing makeup products with natural ingredients will help your skin in a big way! I like to use an oil base makeup remover, micellar water is also great for double cleansing!

So what does a good skin routine include:

  • A good cleanser. Stay away from chemicals and products that contain alcohol, they will leave your feeling dry and damaged. I like using all-natural products with ingredients that enhance the skin's natural process. 
  • A toner, alcohol-free. This prepares your skin for moisturizing and gets rid of any excess oil and grime your cleanser doesn't get to.
  • A moisturizer that leaves your skin hydrated and not oily. Using natural products will help with your skin's natural process and won't leave it dry or oily. 

Masks and serums are added luxuries in my opinion. I love using them because they feel like a luxury for my skin. I use Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask and Parsley Seed Antioxidant Serum. 

There are so many great products on the market. Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and evening to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy.

Don't forget to look after your body on the inside too, your skin will reward you. (I'm preaching to myself here.) Chat soon!

XO, Jess