Ideas Into Action

I was recently reading this book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love her writing because she's imaginative and quite hilarious. She speaks about how ideas can run away with us and how we can end up losing them. In her eccentric way, she describes how we should execute our ideas when we have them otherwise they could be gone forever. 

Have you ever thought about something and come up with a fantastic idea, pondered on it a bit and then forgotten about it the next day? I have! It's rather annoying.

This brings me to talk about some reading I did for the course I'm currently working through with GetSmarter. Gareth Cotten (the head tutor) speaks about having a book handy at all times to write your ideas in because he says, you will forget them. He went on to say that when you practice coming up with ideas it becomes a natural way of thinking and you can, in fact, come up with hundreds of ideas every day. 

I've enjoyed the course so much because it has shed light on important aspects on my entrepreneur journey. I would find myself googling and Youtubing through crazy amounts of content to figure out how to do something (even though they are good platforms). The 'virtual campus' is great for people on the go and it's easy to fit in wherever you are... I've even done an assignment at the airport! It's easy to use and really versatile. If you're looking to expand your knowledge in whatever profession you're in, GetSmarter is a wonderful option to look at!

So friends, write your ideas down! You'll have a wealth of ideas to build on and you'll feel encouraged when you're having an off day...