Photography 101 | Part 3


Using a DSLR can be tricky when you’re not sure exactly how it works. One thing I’ve heard over and over again, from photographers I respect, is that you need to pick up a camera and play. I think everyone is different when it comes to creating. By taking your camera to a specific landscape or shooting point and taking various pictures, you’ll be able to explore what you enjoy taking photos of and how you enjoy taking photos. This is a bit of a process as you need to take photos in different styles and of different subjects to understand what you like/dislike.

I enjoy taking photos of landscapes as it helps me appreciate creation and the beauty around me. I also love taking photos of flat lays at the moment because I find you can be so creative and have fun with different styling ideas. One really does need to explore to get a good idea of what is preferential.

Different styles include:

Aerial; Architectural; Candid; Fashion; Food; Landscape; Night-long exposure; Photojournalism; Conceptual/ fine art; Portraiture; Sport; Street; War; Wildlife.

Have a squiz at this link explaining each one if you’re unsure.

If you live in Cape Town, I’d highly recommend attending the School of Light photography course. The instructor is amazing (her name is Mareli) she’s full of experience and makes you feel so comfortable while on the learning process.