What to Wear for Your Body Type

Picture by  She Said

Picture by She Said

What do you look for when you shop for a good piece of clothing?

I’ve done a bit of research (I'm a bit of a nerd) on the concept of clothes that suit our body shape compared to the clothes we actually buy. The results are astonishing!

It’s crazy how many people buy clothes that look good in the shop yet they would never choose the item of clothing to be a part of their personal style. 

Also, I'm surprised at how many people buy clothes purely because they’re trendy and not because they suite their personal style and body shape. 

I think it’s super important to buy clothes that suit your personal shape and style. It’s good to keep up with trends too but I wouldn’t suggest you buy a top just because everyone has it.  

A LOT of woman I’ve seen are wearing clothes that don’t flatter their body shape. There are countless articles, TV programmes, and picture shaming examples on this subject. 

I really want to help woman see the potential of a good piece of clothing that works for their personal shape. 

Personally, I like to invest in classic clothes and mix them with a few trendy pieces that are suited to my body shape. I’m short and quite petite in many ways so when I try on clothes most times I look like I'm drowning in heaps of material or the opposite…  I’m being squeezed by my jeans. 

I usually opt for black skinnies and a loosely fitted blouse. Baby doll dresses are my go to in summer, I love high waisted skirts (a-line)… and my favourite denim mini that goes with just about anything.


Check out my quick guide on what to wear for your body type:

Hourglass: You're curvy with a small waist.

The goal is to wear clothes that emphasise your waist. 

Wear: Pencil skirt, belted tops and jackets, wrap dress, wide leg pants.


Apple: You carry weight around your middle and you have slim legs.

You want to highlight your legs and shoulders to minimise your middle. 

Wear: ‘Flowy' top with a mid-section seam, low waisted straight leg pants, high waisted circle skirt, shift dress (loosely fitted).

Pear: Your hips don’t lie, they are the widest part of your body.

You want to elongate and balance your figure.

Wear: Structured jacket, A-line skirt, embellished top (one with lots of tiny details, boot cut or flare pants

Banana or Straight: Your waist, hips and bust measurements are all similar.

Your goal is to emphasise your curves and embrace your length. 

Wear: A-line skirt, pencil skirt, high waisted skinny leg pants, shift dress, fitted blouse with collar, slim fitted jacket, 3/4 jacket.


Check out our Personal Styling service that we offer for more information.

Something that I truly believe is that beauty comes from within and we should embrace the body that we were given. 

More to come on this subject soon,

Jess x