Photo by: Lad and Lass Photography

My name is Jess… ica. Jessica. Surname… Mole, which is a recent thing. Yes I am married. Ok proper sentences are coming now I promise. 

I’m married to a musician and we get to travel to some really cool places together. I like taking photos too… I’m no Mario Testino but I’m learning. 

I have been dreaming of starting a clothing line ever since I was little. I used to post pictures of my favourite dresses and skirts up on my bedroom wall… actually every piece of clothing I liked in magazines went up there. I have tons of sketch books full of designs… some of them look a bit like something The Jetsons would wear but hey I had big dreams ok.

I was a teacher for about 4 years before I started Jessica Anne. I absolutely loved teaching. It made me feel like I was doing something bigger than myself which felt really cool. I have always wanted to do something that will give back in some way and I hope that’s something I always strive to do. 

I’m new at this blogging thing so please forgive me if I mess up a little… or a lot.

I hope you enjoy my journey, comments are appreciated. 

More to come on the blog soon. 

Jess x

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